Seoul, in the 1990's, faced an economic crisis where hundreds of people lost their jobs and many left their homes in shame because they could no longer provide for their families. The founders and friends of Mannasem began to feed the homeless at Seoul Station where many of the homeless gather. They also gave out basic necessities such as clothing and toiletries to help in whatever way they could.
Realizing the situation was more complex as people did not return home, the vision for a homeless shelter was birthed in hopes to not only feed and house the homeless but also to help people get rehabilitated back to their families and society. Sharing the love of Christ by caring for the poor is the primary mission of Mannasem. 
At the time, there were no laws that supported the needs of the homeless and the city of Seoul was unsure of how to approach the growing needs of those who either lost their homes or chose to leave. Mannasem is one of the first organizations in Korea established to help the homeless Seoul. 
In 2005, Mannasem was able to open the doors to their own facility that provides free lunch and dinner service to those in need as well as temporary housing for about fifty men. Rehabilitation programs such as medical aid, counseling, job training, art and music therapy classes, and more have been offered in the new facility. Mannasem also serves as an agent in finding low income housing to those who qualify for government aid. 

Our History

The name, Mannasem, comes from the word, "manna," which is the Hebrew word for the bread God gave the Israelites in the dessert, and, "sem," which is a Korean word meaning spring water. Injung Mannasem Foundation hopes to share in God's love by serving those who are hungry and in need of hope and encouragement in the city of Seoul.